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If it's the cost of postage that has everyone using these QSL services, I can understand that.  We all like to save a buck.  I spent a lot of money both before & after these services.  At today's postage prices the cost of getting DXCC is around $5 a QSL what with costs of cards, postage, envelopes and return postage.  That's about $500 just to get DXCC and when you get to DXCC 300 mark , heck that the price of a new radio (almost).  Then, there are DX stations who want cash and they don't use any of the online services;  they've turned QSLing into a business. Some of my friends in DX community spent the money to send a QSL to a certain Middle East station who wanted cards sent via registered mail -  cost was $15 a toss and sometimes he didn't QSL on the first try !

The only problem I really see with Eqsl, LoTW, QRZ, etc., is the incompatibility of each when go after awards because each has it's own awards program. Guess I'm old school in that I view ARRL (LoTW) awards as being the most desirable.  For me, the rest (except PODXS) just aren't worth the paper they're printed on (my personal opinion here). 

I'm most familiar with LoTW because I've used it for years.  At first, I wasn't for it because I had to try 3 times to get it up and running. Also, felt the software was not user friendly. Now have something over 27,000  submissions to lotw since 1978.  I'm happy with it.

Guess we should all use whatever works for us individually and not worry about what other people are using.  I have my preferences listed on QRZ and that works for me. 

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I use HRD and have it set up to do auto-logging to both EQSL and QRZ so I don't even have to be aware of it.  I agree that it would be nice for LOTW to work in the same manner but IMO it still beats licking stamps.

In Logbook, under Tools/Configure go to QRZ.COM and enter the QRZ logbook API number found on the "settings" page of your QRZ logbook.  I'm pretty sure that's all it takes.

And as far as why fool with another QSL, it's all about the money.  QRZ has their own operating awards and they will gladly sell you certificates or achievement if you like.  If people are willing to fork over the cash for a QRZ award and it helps keep the cost of a lookup subscription down, then I'm all for it.

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