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Chatted with another station in that area this morning and they have a lot of smoke.  Hope they get fire under control.

BTW, 1600 gallons of water weighs about 13,280  lbs.  so that make those pilots really good at their jobs .

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Thanks for the interesting play by play.  It must be quite a show.  Seeing it on TV just doesn't do it justice.
Those fire jumpers and pilots are a special breed for sure.
Stay safe.  No leaks rf or otherwise.
Be lookin for ya!
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I'm out here guys!  We are currently in Buffalo Bill State Park, just west of Cody WY.  DN54jm, Park County.  We will be here several more days while waiting on some repair parts for the RV...nothing major...just a new slideout topper awning to replace the one that got torn up with what looks to be hail damage.  Want to replace it before we go on down the road. Don't need slideout leaks!

I have managed to keep up with 365+1 but it has been tough.  In addition to the prop problems everyone has faced, we have had local thunderstorms with heavy lightning (but very little rain - makes for lighting forest fires) about the time I like to be on.  In addition, there is a major forest fire just across the reservoir from us that is putting out heavy smoke. No danger for us.  The sun was blood red at noon the other day!  Don't know if the smoke is affecting HF, but it sure knocks the stuffing out of cell phone and Verizon MiFi for internet.

I will continue to be on daily, generally sometime between 00:00 and 02:00.  I usually start out somewhere below 14.071.000 but if there is nothing on the waterfall on the low end, I move up and try the upper half. If there is still nothing, I have a look at 40m.  If conditions are terrible, I don't stay at it - just get a few in the log for the 365+1 and call it a night.  I will make an effort to spend time on 40m daily. 

The smoke conditions improved yesterday.  The fire is still not contained, but the wind shifted directions. One of the attractions was watching the water bombers scoop water from the reservoir.  Those guys are something else.  They let down like to land, but maintain airspeed and just set the scoop in the belly of the plane into the surface until they fill the 1600 gallon tank!  Takes maybe a mile on the water.  Then they slowly lift (1600 gallons ads a lot of! weight) climb just enough to clear the ridge and drop their load.  There were 4 of them on a seven minute loop to and from the fire. There were also Hueys doing bucket dipping and Chinooks that hover just above the water and drop a hose in to pump. Awesome!

Thanks for tracking with me.  You have made this trip a radio adventure and a real learning experience!

Rick - N7WE - 070 #1602

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