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I vehemently disagree with your assessment. I have a 65% or more return of verification with QRZ. Additionally, if set up properly you have to do NOT ONE THING to upload it to there, as with eQSL… you set up your information in your program (in my case DXLabs) and at EVERY end of QSO during the logging portion it automatically uploads the info to QRZ, eQSL and a few others with absolutely no extra work. So the “too much to do” rant you gave is bunk.


I strongly suggest you review and check facts before spouting inaccuracies. If you do not use a service then why belittle it? But then again, that is commonplace with you.


…I’m Just Sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John A. Etling


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Although not an expert on HRD because I don't use it.  I like to offer my opinion of QRZ ...  it's fine as a look up, but with a 35% return why do you even bother using it ???  I have never used QRZ for QSLing although I've had many requests to QSL via QRZ.   If people feel they have to use it, that's their choice.  If I get QSL requests for either LoTW or Eqsl, I will answer them.  Often I see DX station who QSL on Eqsl but not on LoTW and vice versa.


I think everyone should really be on the same page in QSLing and not "muddy the waters" with more QSLing services.   Guess I'm " old school" and am inclined to use the old  "QSLL"  which means: "you QSL first and then I'll send you one".   All these requests for and entering into their log on QRZ  are just a lot of extra work for me and probably everyone else when we could all be spending more time on the air. All these are probably attempts to generate more traffic on their sites.


end of rant .... with apologies to Milt ...


Jerry N9AVY  #454




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Hey gang of smart guys,


I decided to ask this question in the reflector ground instead of HRD, quite frankly I think this group has better expertise , haha.


So I use HRD for my log. I also have eQSL, LoTW, and I try to send all my ADIF's from HRD since I can move all confirmations into on file. I can see LoTW QSL's on the LoTW tab. eQSL does not show in a tab, however with HRD you can do a sort of eQSL, and see confirmations. I also shows the QSL on the ADIF.


OK, so now we come to QRZ. I see no way to import a QSL to HRD via QRZ that would show a QSL. I can export a file, but how can I show a QSL from QRZ on HRD.


I found a work around, in which I go to the QSL tab and manually enter QSL requested, received, and a annotation I made QRZ com. Here is one I did and this is how its written in ADIF.



20160801 20160801 V E R E Y


Does this count for a QSL for contests?

Is there another way? 


BTW, someone was talking about QSL's a while back, I am about 65% with LoTW, 50 % with eQSL, and about 35% with QRZ.






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