2016 KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE Announcement


Summer is passing quickly, and it's almost time to go APE (August PSK Expedition)!  I just wanted to let everyone know that the 2016 KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE is scheduled for Sunday, August 14 through Tuesday August 16th.  This will be our fourth year, and, as in the past, Stan (W9SMR/9) and I will be operating from Stan's pontoon boat afloat on Round Lake in northeast Indiana using the KC9UR callsign.  We plan to have the capability to operate 80m thru 6m, depending on propagation, with two rigs simultaneously on different bands.  We plan to set up Sunday morning/afternoon and be on the air by Sunday evening.

As in past years we are offering a nice QSL card, and, for those APE hunters with lots of bananas and persistence, a custom certificate if you work us on three bands.  We'd like to thank everyone who participated last year - it was great fun!  There were an all time record 18 certificate winners: KA5VZG, KD0FIP, KK4CPS, W0QFW, W6QP, WA4MIT, WA5AMM, WB3IGR, KE4JB, N2RDX, N7WE, NU4C, W2DEN, W3WMU, KB9WHV, KD4JS, N4GBK and WB4MNK.  Special recognition went to KD4JS who worked us on five (5) bands and extra special recognition went to N4GBK and WB4MHK who worked us on 6 bands.  It was great fun being chased by the hunters, and Stan and I are really looking forward to this year's event.  


Bob (KC9UR) and Stan (W9SMR/9)

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