Re: My new call sign


congrats, Matt !  I upgraded to Extra last year after over 20 years Advanced class.   

Saw some other comments and hope I am not off-base and out of context  without reading everything, but ever so often I receive an eQSL requesting confirmation for a QSO and I look up the call - usually a QSO from a good while back - and I see that it is someone I worked under an old callsign.   I can't  acknowledge it because it's  like double dipping to me.   Example, if I change my call from KT4EP to something else, it wouldn't be ethical or correct to go back and try to send out eQSLs to everyone I made a contact with as KT4EP with my new callsign.   I believe one might have to create a new eQSL account for the new callsign?  Ditto for LoTW?

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