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Either way is fine and your point is valid, would be nice to have a time reference. That way I can, at a glance, see if there is any hope I might be able to work that station (if needed) and even more helpful if it is a DX contact… and even more important than that if it is a rare or hard to get one!


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As a newby 070 member 2310, there is a reluctance to post anything in fear of upsetting the established posters, but here goes. Would it be more informative to all for a post to say 'I worked kzxyz on 20m at 0100z or I heard kxabx on 40 m at 0230z', rather than
'I worked kxxyz on 20m'. At least you have a reference point as to when to listen instead of sitting in from of the radio tuned to 20m saying 'any time now, any time.'
I was going to use the phrase "just sayin" but that is copyrighted by a famous 070 poster, so I'll say 'just an idle thought.' When you hit 70 plus you get many idle thoughts but don't have the strength to put them into action.
Thanks for a nice group, Mike T, WB2YJS

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