Re: FN44 and FN45 Activations

Dan Morris - KZ3T

Jonathan — I will try and remember the day you’re going to be up there (next Wednesday) and I’ll be on 20M and 40M looking for you and I will post online.   I’m sure there will be others on looking for you and usually someone will spot the contacts.   Another good thing about this group is you can count on spots from someone or several when available.

Dan Morris  KZ3T  070-1065

On Jul 19, 2016, at 8:11 AM, Jonathan Wilson eaglescout.jonathan@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

Thank you all for the kind replies!

I'll do my best to post online if I can, otherwise, can I rely on someone in the group to do it for me when they see/work me?

Thank you for your input about call sign suffixes.  I will update my plans accordingly.  Can you point me to any documentation you have so I can be a better informed individual?

Sorry you're going to miss this one.  I'll try to make another trip at some point. I'm sure other people will miss me as well.

KC1BOS #2385

On 07/18/2016 13:49, Jonathan Wilson eaglescout.jonathan@... [070] wrote:

Hi Everyone!

I will be camping in the northern half of New Hampshire next week, 
working grid square FN44 under the call KC1BOS/C1. I will be taking a 
day trip up into FN45. This is the hardest NH square (and one of the 
hardest Maine squares) to work. I plan to be on the air in FN45 
starting around 1800z on Wednesday the 27th and working as long as I 
can. I'll start on 20 m and possibly switch to 40m when the sun sets. 
For this second location I will be KC1BOS/C2.

I will upload all logged contacts to, eqsl and LOTW when I 
return from this trip. I will not have internet access on this trip.

Hope to catch you on the air and close some FN45 grids for your NH State 
Grids and ME State Grids endorsements!

All the best!
Jonathan Wilson
KC1BOS # 2385

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