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I did the AM radio trick several times in the past and it works great.  Both were outside the QTH.
Once I found an arcing fuse on a pole and another time I found a bad switching power supply on a pole which was used for lighting control.  One big clue was that it only happened at night.  Once I told the town they had their contractor come out and replace it.

Ahhh....the sweet sound of.....nothing!

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Nope, as Bill, N4GBK, said it's probably OTH  (Over The Horizon radar)  or similar on 20m.  It only happens for a short time and appears to be some sort of communications.  Definitely not anything at my QTH: if it were in the house it would happen all the time at regular intervals.  It almost has to be here in US because band wasn't open to Europe/Asia or anywhere overseas.

It's just annoying when it's on but not as annoying as those really wide 20m PSK signals or those using RTTY, MFSK, or have their mics plugged in when sending on PSK...  this morning I even heard music !  

Geez, what ever happened to hams who cared about their signals ?

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Before turning to the masses for a thousand different scenario’s, & opinions, have you checked your collapsible shack and household for a buzzing wall wart, or even the little  red/green L.E.D. that signifies power to your tv?
I get it on 30m rarely, but unplugging my wife’s flat panel tv in the kitchen cures it.
I found it by taking a little $5 battery powered AM radio and going from room to room.
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Does any have any idea what that raucous buzz is that sometimes covers all the PSK stations up ???  It shows as a bunch of vertical lines all across the waterfall.   Just curious...
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