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John Etling

To bounce off Jerry’s comment, and frankly to disagree somewhat with it… Yes they do print a lot of stickers. Yes they print off a lot of certificates. But, there is absolutely NO excuse to pay $12.00 for a tiny sticker and $15 for a certificate that all look alike. Sorry, If I applied for all the certificates and stickers I would have to pay near $200 for them all. SERIOUSLY? And all I get for it is a standard, BLAH certificate and/or sticker?


I’m a Life member and they cannot offer a free one each year (similar to what QRZ does)? I can promise you, it absolutely does not cost ARRL $12 to print a page of stickers… figuring they print 30 per page. Charge $12/sticker x 30 stickers (estimate) equals $360 initial income – Printing of $2.00 and mailing cost of, let us round to $0.50/each, (total per page of 30 = $15) equates to $343 in pure profit for EACH page. Does THAT bring it into perspective a bit more?


…I’m Just Sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John A. Etling


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Have WAS  on LoTW, but never applied for it.  Would imagine that it looks like the red & white endorsement stickers for DXCC.  ARRL prints a heck of a lot of stickers; probably more than PODXS ever will.  I would guess that it's a cost saving move and has been for years. 


We, at PODXS , are fortunate that e have someone to print the nice full color stickers which I would imagine is a time consuming job what with printing them up, cutting them from sheets  and having to store them.  Kudos to our chief sticker maker !


With ARRL stickers , it's about the endorsement and not pretty stickers.


my 2 cents worth...


Jerry  N9AVY  #454


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I just rounded up the lone qsl card that puts me at 50 states for the PSK31 endorsement to my digital WAS certificate.  When I breathlessly went to the ARRL website to apply and saw their picture of the sticker I was, to say the least, underwhelmed.  Can anybody with firsthand knowledge vouch for the endorsement sticker being just a plain square with block letters, sort of like a cheap price tag?  If that's what they look like I'm going to save my money.  ARRL could take a lesson from PODXS on their awards!

Best regardses

Rick KW0RH


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