Was it good for you John?


...Ok ok...I'll tell you how it happened...I was checking out my stuff ya
know, for the Rumble and all...and I had this MMTTY program on the computer
that I had downloaded awhile ago, and...next thing I knew, I was calling CQ
on 20m! I really don't know what came over me! Anyways, I was calling CQ and
all, and here comes an answer back...KC0DEB of all people, a fellow psker es
070 Club member to boot! Well, I had never wrked rtty before and neither had
John, so I guess you could say we were both virgins when it came to this
mode...So what I want to know is John, was it good for you? I mean, I gave up
smoking 15 years ago, but to tell you the truth, after our QSO I really
needed a smoke! Know what I mean?? N3DQU.

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