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John Etling

From another “special” … welcome to the club… err branch!


…I’m Just Sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John A. Etling


ARES EC - Carroll County, TN

PODXS-070 #1820   LONP: #321





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congrats Don! 


To all--  has the info/standings for those unfamiliar with the challenge ... work each of the "hour" timeslots of the week, so a 01:xx Mon QSO, a 15:xx Fri QSO, etc.  7 days times 24 hours => 168 slots.






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Welcome to this special little group !


Jerry  N9AVY #454


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Congrats Don!

Les k4lea 1746 24/7 #10


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Congrats to Don K9DEB "hoo hoo hoo" on Monday joined the crazy night owls who have worked all 168 time blocks for the 24/7 award!  Way to go Don!  Welcome to the branch!  You were #26 to achieve this award out of almost 2500 members!  It isn't easy but it can be done and you did it! 

Plenty of room on the branch for others!  Come on may be crazy, but it is a hoot!

Rick - N7WE - #1602




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