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I’m beginning to suspect the “dc to light” radios like the IC-706 and the FT-897D might be part of the problem.  This year I left my K3 at home and was using one of the club FT-897Ds. 

73 de Eric, KG6MZS

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Really interesting thread, guys. 

Here was our experience  in NH for FD
with the AD1T group... Myself and Bruce,WA1YZN, were both on 20m
Sunday morning, both using Dunestar filters, and our beams were about 
300' apart,
I was running 100w on SSB, Bruce running 40w on PSK... I was on Elecraft K3,
he was on Icom 706...He experienced no interference from me, while I observed
an S4-S5 level of "hash" every time he transmitted...

The only way I was able to work around that, was to time my CQ-ing to when 
Bruce was CQ-ing...and it seemed to work fact, from 1300z
to 1500z on Sunday morning Bruce and I actually were going qso for qso...
with an 85 an hour qso run....We were both really impressed with how 
things worked out with the Digi station and SSB both on 20m...
I'll look into how to cure the interference from Bruce, but, was happy
to hear from Bruce that he saw nothing...
Thought I'd share with the group...
Hope all had fun for FD.

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