Re: FD Attaboy this year?


Jim, that will be great anytime we can.  The bands here were either pretty dead or pretty bad the past three or four days.  I am NOT a contester and tend to avoid most of them due to behaviors during pile ups and when conditions change a bit and people get ugly on air with another station, both having been on the air at that freq for the day, and . . . anyway, it gets ugly.  Saturday was pretty much a black out here.  Sunday, I "heard" one station in south Texas, but he threw is call so fast all the time I could not catch it.  One reason I like PSK, no ears needed.  Then I saw lots of stations on PSK 20M Sunday morning, but they were floating in and out quickly.  Watching a good while I think I only saw two stations appear to make a report QSO, and those were big club contest stations I see all the time.  I threw my call in response to a few stations, no one ever came back so I went out, mowed and worked on my vertical antenna.  Saturday, with the bands here dead, I went to the FD site of our big club here, didn't stay long as they were having problems, nothing was working for them and the arguing between all the experts started.  One reason I was only a one term club president.  I am a retired special education teacher and want to enjoy this hobby.

Anyway, my participation for 2016 was attending the local club FD attempt and attempted contacts from what would have been my 1D OKLA station.  HI HI  Kind of a dissapointing FD personally as 2015 was my first by myself and I had 150 contacts with a final count of 125-130 confirmed with QSL cards.  Otherwise I had participate or run the local FD event 8 or the previous 10 yrs, and the other two I was in Texas at Austin and Marble Falls for thier events.  Oh and Jim, I grew up in Kiowa county OKLA, have a graduate degree from that school in Norman, and ten years there is what made me a TEXAS Longhorn fan.  HI HI 

73 and HOOKEM'
Geary, KE5IRK

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Geary, operating 1D NTX here, would love to make a contact with you, but Okla is tough from here....Boomer Sooner!
(originally from Woodward).

Jim, K5SP

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Matthew King;
I no longer attend local club political damaged Field Day as it is a joke here.  I have been operating from home the past couple of years with excellent success.  This year, I will try to operate my little 1D station, even though several 2015 QSO had ugly comments about me being a 1D when they made contact (they should have paid attention as I was on the full time by myself last year).  But with horrible band conditions here and major SWR issues that I cannot seem to correct on three antennas, I may not even get to participate as my 1D.  Good luck to all who can and will participate.
Geary, KE5IRK 1D in Oklahoma

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Hey, Les - yep, we'll be doing a FD attaboy this year.

Anybody attending their local field day operation should send me a note in order to get a FD Attaboy in the next mailing.


Matthew King
KK4CPS 070 #1708
PODXS 070 Club Executive Director

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I can't remember, but does the group give out an FD Atta-boy? I'm
planning to visit my local club's site.

Les k4lea 1746

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