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John Raynsford

Ya, I agree with Bill, AG4QX them mic's just clutter up the place

"Connect a microphone to the radio, what would I use that for?"

73 de AL7JK,John

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I think the guy meant USB-D???.  Don't think LSB is going to do it.  Or did I miss something in his post.


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Found this comment and hope it might help those with Icom radios.

Jerry N9AVY  #454

"  People who use Icom radios need to remember to put the radio in LSB-D or LSB-D mode when using digital modes.  Some of the older Icoms don't have these modes so they need to remove the microphone or turn down the mic gai n all the way.  Otherwise, the microphone is wide open in digital modes on the Icom radios.   The sound is not coming through the computer in most cases, it is coming through the open microphones."

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