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Bill Williams

Connect a microphone to the radio, what would I use that for?

I have been monitoring 6M for the last three evenings and nothing here in the southeast corner.


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No arguement - just debate.
Personally I would suggest using USB-D for any
Digi mode. The FLEX SDRs are the same and I am
sure my old TS-480HX was the same. Anyways we agree
on the digi portion, but not on the USB/LSB part.
PSDR lets you sert things up so that the mic is dead
unless you push the physical PTT, either the button on the Mic
or the PTT Input. In other words normal operation is all things digi is USB-D
which is over-ridden by PTT.
have nice weekent
seeing some JAs rolling into the left coast.

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Found this comment and hope it might help those with Icom radios.

Jerry N9AVY  #454

"  People who use Icom radios need to remember to put the radio in LSB-D or LSB-D mode when using digital modes.  Some of the older Icoms don't have these modes so they need to remove the microphone or turn down the mic gain all the way.  Otherwise, the microphone is wide open in digital modes on the Icom radios.   The sound is not coming through the computer in most cases, it is coming through the open microphones."

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