Re: 6 Meter PSK31

Bill Garwood

I called CQ for maybe 90 minutes today on 50.290 (+ 1000) with zero results.   Also posted it on HamSpots.

In the past, when we had the club members working on the 6 on 6 award, there seemed to be some interest and activity.  Today, the band was open but no one was on there with PSK31.

Maybe we will have some success next weekend with the VHF contest.  

Have a good week!

Bill N4GBK

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Seens there should be some activity other modes seen to be getting it.
Calling CQ on 50.290

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Reminder: 6 meter short macros.. just RST and Grid can fade in and out quickly.


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6 meters seems to be active today at 1510 UTC in the eastern half of the US.  This should move westward as the day progresses.  Several SSB signals heard.

QSO/SWL real time maps ... This page will update automatically every 3 minutes. There is no need you click the "refresh" button of your browser.

Anyone wanting to try 50.290, let me know and I'll meet you there for a while.  I'll also check back a bit later.

I'm in FM16 in Eastern NC.

Bill N4GBK

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