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I'd like to invite all of you to try our Ernie Mills, WM2U "All New" Elmering Group. This group is centered on digital communications, and the volunteers that are needed to get everyone on-the-air. With the explosion of sound card technology and number of software programs available for a wide verity of digital communications, we need Elmer's to help these new digital pioneers get started. This is Ernie's whole concept. To make available an info group that provides the necessary tools (mainly Elmers!) for those hams that enjoy helping out our newest experimenters, and in many of cases the not so new! This site will  cover all modes SSTV, APRS, ASCII, RTTY, PSK31 and the long list goes on. If you have questions, come join us, we'll try and find you the answers you need. If you enjoy helping out others that are getting started, again, we need you too! In fact Ernie HIGHLY recommends that we ALL take an active roll on this group! So, what do you say, you going to try it out? Come on! Just go to:

Let's make sure that Ernie knows we're all behind him and support his efforts!

73 de NY2U "Mr.Bill"

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