Re: 6M is opening

Bill Garwood

I have worked quite a few 6 meter PSK31 stations on 50.290.  16 states in the log from 2014 and 2015 with 6 meter PSK31.  None so far this year.  In the past, we have had 070 members working on the 6 on 6 award and several of us have been on at the same time giving out contacts and grid squares.

If there is some interest, I'll try again this summer to work as many as I can.  Even when the band was full of CW and SSB signals, there were not many ops on PSK31.  This reflector and the various PSK spotting sites are helpful.

Maybe the upcoming VHF contest will help get some members in the log.  You do not need much of an antenna if the band is open.  I'm using a Carolina Windom ocf dipole.  That's why it is the magic band!

Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK  FM16 North Carolina

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Anyone else playing on 6 meters?
I'm currently trying my hand at JT65..

Gene N9MXQ #2253

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