Re: USS Pampanito goof


Hi Steve,
must say I understood you completely, was looking for you on Saturday, but
on 20 meters at this time the European qrm is so strong that stations from
the far side have no chance here, 10 meters would be better, if you have
the antenna for that, we Europeans and Asians would highly appreciate it.
73's Erika/DL2AYL

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Boy is my face red!

When I said I was going to be operate off the USS
Pampanito "tomorrow", it was already "tomorrow". I didn't realize
what I had done, but I posted the announcement on Friday PST thinking
it was still Friday and it was already Saturday UTC. Sorry for the
confusion. Next time I head to the sub, I will make sure I watch the
times and actually state the day of operation.

I definitely want to work as many of you as I can.

73, Steve KQ6VH

p.s. Anyone have a good watch/calendar I can borrow? Hi Hi

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