Re: HRD and freezing


You are right on. This is when it happens. I will see a freeze 1 in 10 times that I click on Rx text. 
Stray RF is not at play in Rx mode. Rig to computer is 6ft firewire with snapons at both ends. Everything single point grounded. I have had this since the 5.0 days and it continued so far into V6 that I backed out to 5.0 May have to try 4.0 and see what happens.

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I've been a user of HRD 5.0 Rel 2893 for quite a while and very occasionally experience a freeze.  By very occasionally I mean maybe a couple times a month.

The freeze almost always happens when I click on the received text to capture a callsign into the QSO box.  The freeze generally lasts for 5-10 seconds and then resolves, often with the restoration of text received while the waterfall was "frozen".  Only the DM780 screen is affected.  A couple of times over the last several months he freeze did not resolve and I just terminated the module and restarted without a problem, other than losing some received text.

So it would be classified by me as just a minor annoyance. 

I've used FLdigi and DXLabs software and like them okay as well, but prefer HRD for now.  And there are still lots of Digipan folks out there, which I really enjoyed using the first couple of years on PSK.  I have to re-learn it each Field Day since that is what our PSK FD captain uses, HI.


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