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Jerry N9AVY

Check SWR on 20m  and 40m .    What are you using for coax ? 

Next, it may be the orientation of the OCF with regards to where you station is sitting.

Just a couple suggestions.

Jerry  N9AVY

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I can attest to the RF issue.  HRD works great on my vertical. But, when I switch to my OCF dipole, after a few minutes transmitting, the HRD rig control drops the connection with my rig, a Kenwood TS-590SG. I can kill the rig control portion of HRD, relink it with the logger and DM780 and all is well again.

I haven't a clue why one antenna affects HRD and the other doesn't.  The dipole doesn't always affect HRD, on 20M it does, on 40M it doesn't, or at least it isn't frequent enough that I'd remember.

Mike - W0TMW

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On 03/23/2016 04:05 PM, Jerry n9avy@... [070] wrote:
Stray RF can be a real problem.  A balun at the antenna will reduce some problems, but one of the major problems I've found here is the keyboard...a  snap on choke usually solves the problem.   Other computer peripherals may also require snap on chokes, but it is a hit or miss proposition.

Working with alarm, I found over the years that tightly bundling cables is a cause of "cross-talk"  which in laymen's terms means that the data will jump from one cable to another (capacitive coupling).  Use of cable ties should be avoided. 

Ran into this at a large mall  that had 2 separate fire alarm systems which were addressable (data lines); because of local politics 2 separate systems were required.  The problem was discovered a few months after installation when a smoke detector false alarmed and initiated an alarm in the other system.  It took several weeks to find the problem which turned out to be parallel cables for both systems in a long cable run.  The same thing can happen is our ham radio stations only on a much smaller scale.

Stray RF and data signals don't always go together well.  The best we can do is use of chokes and routing of cables to prevent problems. If you have cables running parallel make sure that they are separated as much as possible.  If they need to cross each other try to route them at  right angles. Shielded data cable may also help.

Hope this helps someone.

Jerry  N9AVY

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I found out why my DM780 program (HRD) would freeze up occasionally. It was discovered quite by accident. It was caused by stray RF, coming from cables. I think the biggest culprit was the USB cable to the Signalink. I found this out when I moved my equipment around, and to neaten things, I bundled some cables with Velcro wraps, and the issue got worse. I tried experimenting with positioning my equipment in different places. The PC had to go on the floor to get it away from my TXCVR. No cables could be bundled. But now it hardly ever freezes up, and when I does, I can usually just shut down DM780 and restart it without closing Rig Control or the Logbook.. It is interesting that when it freezes, it is only the DM780 that will freeze, or just lose the ability to change frequency, while the Rig Control Application will still be able to control the frequency.
In all this, I found a new use for the IMD Meter some if us just got. In it’s startup routine, it will hunt for RF, so I used it to locate the sources of RF – the monitor somewhat, and the PC more so. Anyway, I hardly ever freeze up now. I also put ferrite beads on all my cables, but I don’t really think that made much of a difference. Equipment placement solved it for me.
Paula K7PAX #1739
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Barry ....I only use HRD and experience the program freezing up from time to time also .... being a computer dummy it the only program that I use ... It was a steep learning curve for me ..... so rather than trying the other programs that are out there I just grin and bear it  when it freezes up ...sometimes it recovers itself other times I have to restart the program ..... no rhyem or reason when it freezes up but seems mostly when I am changing bands when using the HRD program to control the radio thru the computer ..... 

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