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Tell ya, I joined this club mid to late 2014 and have really learned a lot even though I've been working psk-31 since 2010.   No questions go without multiple answers and everyone is helpful.    The scorer is amazing IMO being able to take data and get it right back out to us - in my experience - near instantaneous.    I've used HRD/DM versions 4 and 5 to some extent but favor fldigi for it's flexibility and I was also using it on Linux.  I talked to Dave Freese on 40 meters psk-31.   I just favor fldigi.   Manipulating my log data is no biggie - I actually do most everything manually including eQSL and LoTW.    I had a bad year 2015 with three deaths including my mother and the dog (!) and had just obtained WAS with psk-31 this past June and decided to go with JT-65 for a while for a break and then I achieved WAS with JT-65 in 8 months so now I want to "come home" to psk-31.  I actually make a lot more DX contacts with psk-31 and it's nice to run into hams again that I have had great QSOs with.   Thanks for the input on the last couple of messages in this thread.  Good information there to be had.
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