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John Etling

That should pretty much cover it well. I know of no other info required.


… I’m just sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John Etling


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[I posted this on the 070_contest group and got no response so I'm hoping someone here will chime in.  Tnx.]


Hello everybody:


I'm setting up my HRD logbook ALE template in advance and I want to make sure that I include the necessary fields in my log.  I have fields for band, mode, start/end times, callsign, name, state, and PODXS number.  Is there anything else that will be required by the scoring software that I need to include?  


This will be my first contest since the 1972 Novice Roundup and logging was a little different back then...


Tnx and 73





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