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photos pse.

73, don’t forget to smile and have fun

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Just to report back .. my son and I built our first prototype of a magloop and I’ll be darn the thing really works and it is fairly easy to make.  A pain in the butt to tune but once dialed in I could pretty much receive anything my giant dipole got and it was just standing on my desk.  V2 is going to be a lot better 
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Awesome. I will take a look at that. The boy wants to turn it into a science project so I can only encourage him

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The is a Facebook page for Magnetic Loops  which seems to be quite active,
Jerry  N9AVY

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With Paula talking about all that antenna stuff ... I got the urge to work on one as well.  My son (KG7OQT), who got his General license when he was 9, managed to haggle for a radio this past weekend at a local hamfest and scored an Alinco for an absolute bargain price. Problem is that the YL does not want any more holes in the wall of the house (and more wires hanging from the side) so we have been looking at alternatives so he can at least do some stuff in his small room.  The idea is now to built a small magloop antenna as a father son project which doesn't seem to be too complicated.
Has anyone ever built one?  If so .. any famous last words as far as tips go?  I did order a capacitor since I didn't have one on the shelf but I have pretty much everything else laying around here to use.

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