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Another “BIG WELCOME” Dennis!

That’s quite an accomplishment! And I see a new 070 Award, that tracks Dennis across the country!

What say you, Leadership?

Maybe an 8.5” X 11” Certificate with stickers representing states? Or Nat’l Parks? Or a new wider seat for the bike?

Just sayin’...




LONP #76


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Welcome Dennis, K1YPP!!
We are lucky to have you joining us. We will all be tuning in to your adventures. Especially your July to September, Oregon to New Hampshire bike ride with your new QRP PSK-31 setup. What fun that will be tracking your progress!
Check out this quy's QRZ page. Unbelievable!!


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Please join me in welcoming our new PODXS070 member(s)
2262  Dennis   K1YPP

Jim, K5SP #483
Membership Director

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