Re: A little help from my friends

Scotty W7PSK

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016 12:01 PM, "Jerry [070]" <> wrote:

Not everyone in the ham community knows what LoTW & Eqsl are; especially in cornfields of Iowa. You >>could try sending a hard card via USPS, but even that's no guarantee. Wish all those guys I worked for >>Triple Play had QSLed or I would have had that award much sooner. Some finally did QSL via LoTW - 3 >>-4 years later !
Some guys are just real stinkers and never QSL.
Keep trying and you find someone in IA that will get it right !

GL !
Jerry n9avy

Or, you could have my issue with a Hawaii Station, which I just cant figure out.

I need Hawaii on 10/12 and 40 PSK31 to help finish WAS on those 3. Ive worked a certain
Hawaii station on all 3. He states He does not have Internet for LOTW any more (he used
to use LOTW)

But yet, I get EQSLs from his instantly.

Go figure

Scotty W7PSK

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