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Mustafa AYDIN <ta2ey@...>

Hello Jay and the group,
That picture was taken by me when I was on duty in California.
I had assigned to Sacramento for taking a course on my job. During my trip ,
I visited Reno , and San Francisco and took some pictures.

The day before yesterday , I have some guests at home and I saw the picture
of USS PAMPANITO by chance when we took a look at the picture albums.
Unfortunately I haven't made any QSO with USS PAMPANITO yet , and I thought
I might get a QSL if I proof that I had a face to face contact with
Pampanito...(Last paragraph is just a joke..hi)

I just thought there is somebody corious about the Pampanito .

Ok , Jay that is my story about it.
Vy 73 de TA2EY , Mustafa

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Hmmm...a pix of the Pampanito dated 1998...Is that a Liberty ship in
background? Come on Musafa, tell us the story on this picture,
pleeeese!...Jay N3DQU.

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