Re: Miles per Watt

David Westbrook

RX_PWR would be useful to note 2x QRP; but otherwise you're right that it's not part of MPW calculation ..

And maybe it should be KPW, not MPW,  to use the "real" unit system :)
[side note: ADIF's field is kilometers by definition]


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I am not to sure TX PWR and RX PWR would work as I can never be totally sure what my RX PWR really is. I can give you my TX PWR as well as DISTANCE which should make the calculation relatively easier.

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That's a really interesting one to have a leader board for!

Unfortunately, i can't provide a report right now .. The checker only loads certain fields form the ADIF logs into the database.  Currently I have GRIDSQUARE (worked) and  RX_PWR and TX_PWR loading into the checker database...   But  not the DISTANCE, LAT, or LON fields;  and not the MY_GRIDSQUARE, MY_LAT, or MY_LON  fields; Need a combination of those to get distance.
So bottom line is that currently I cannot query the checker database for distance.

I'll need to update it to read in some more fields;  but that will only apply to uploads going forward (so still won't be able to query past logs).
Not sure of a timeframe -- should be quick once i get to it -- that's the tricky part ;) ..   Maybe i'll do an automatic leader board like 24x7/365 or LONP, so we can see what the "best" (wrt MPW) QSO's are.


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