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John Etling

And to add to that Milt:


CLEAN audio requires considerably less power than wide open, over-modified garbleygooked trash. 100w of pure clean audio beats 1500w of trash any day of the week. Add to that a well-tuned antenna, and you cannot be beat.


… I’m just sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John Etling


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Here’s my philosophy on antenna’s...

“A few bucks wisely spent in the backyard is worth 10X that amount spent in the shack...”




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I never run over a 100W on any band (most of the time about 25W)

Think it time a lot of you should think about  you antennas





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Steve, Jerry,

I never sign /QRP even though that's all I operate unless the other station goes there.  I know that it screws up some logging programs. The only thing is I would love to see the expression on the other hams face when he/she sees my card or eqsl and they see that the Q was completed with only 1.5W.  I've received some very nice comments on the reverse. That was the great attraction for me to this mode.( and PODXS of course)


You're right Jerry.  Anything under 2KW on 20m is QRP.  Someday the trees on my property will self combust if things remain as they are on 20.



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Ok, Steve...understand. As David said we can search under 5 watts,

that will determine qrp, thanks David for the reminder!


Larry WA7HDZ


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Just to prove I am a PITA I always log exactly as the call was used.



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I'm for anything that avoids work !


I have some orphan QSLs at Eqsl from when I operated as N9AVY/135  & N9AVY/140 for Hiram Percy Maxim's birthdays.  Never thought I'd get Eqsls, but I did. Partially resolved the problem, but think I need to create unique QSLs.


So anytime you plug   "/qrp"  you may be creating a problem either at your end or the other guys.


I worked a station who was /QRP and QSLed him as such and the QSL was rejected because he didn't have the /qrp at Eqsl or lotw.


jerry  n9avy





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