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Brian (N2MLP)

So true you can’t work station you can’t hear



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I agree with Milt. I haven' been licensed that long (approx. 10 years) and have 185 worked and confirmed from the black hole of the Midwest. One thing about having an amp, you will need a receiving system to detect the weaker signals (gators). I heard about one guy who bought an amp and the only people who called him were the weaker and more distant station​s.


Ok, back to work...


73 de Joe KJ8O



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Joe, I had 250+ countries confirmed before I bought my 1st amp. It’s a nice Alpha 77SX, and still very much in use.

Here’s my philosophy on 20m;

“Anybody that is somebody on the air, will show up on 20m sooner or later, and it’s working DX. You don’t have to be a great operator; you just have to be there.”




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