Update - TeamViewer for Remote Operation

Rick - N7WE

You may remember that awhile back I tried TeamViewer for remote operation and was concerned about the security level. Once installed, unless the program is completely removed, it auto-starts when rebooting your primary computer.  In fairness to TeamViewer, I owe them and you an update.

After getting more info from Support at TeamViewer (Thank You!) I am now confident that the security is "almost" unbreachable.  (Never think "It can't be done".)  And after some fussing with TeamViewer settings to get my ThinkPad and Galaxy Tab A to play nice with each other, today I was able to complete a remote QSO using HRD and DM780... including uploading the log to eQSL and LoTW from the remote tablet.   It all works... not as easy as sitting in the shack...but it gets the job done. 

The resources and contingency plan for unavoidably being away from the shack are now in place. Whew!  And prior to the magic 2/29/2016 Leap Day!  It will be 4 more years before that endorsement becomes available again.  Can't afford to miss this opportunity!

Rick - N7WE - #1602

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