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Yes the areas north of 60 are called territories and there are three of them.
The middle earth between 49 and 60 are called Provinces and there are ten of them.
Nunavut Territory is one of the most sparcely populated areas in the world and catching
a callsign (VY0) from there is a real coup. Just checked and there seems to be 48 licenses issued.
Northwest Territory (VE8) is almost as tough. I have one SSB and one RTTY and still looking for
PSK31. This area has 114 licenses issued.
Enough of the talking and time to check 10M
Have a great day
sun is shining here and just above the horizon. Temp is already up to 4C (38F)

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Yeah, I realized that after thinking it over a bit ago – and as my slowly moving, caffeine deficient brain recalls you call British Columbia and all others territories, not states… my blunder!! J


Basing on that info, you’re getting to Gitmo is very much like me getting to AK or the upper territories of your country!! Lots of mumbling under breath, lots of wondering if the antenna is still in the air, lots of FUN!!! LOL J


… I’m just sayin’


73 de K3JAE

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