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David Westbrook

not states/territories --  they're  "Primary Administrative Subdivisions"!!  At least that's the ADIF terminology  :)
  And then there's "Secondary Administrative Subdivisions"  -- in USA that's a county.

technical footnote -- the ADIF fields are and .. (and is deprecated; replaced by ).  Obviously those are the original field names that stuck, and later on they were defined generically (Primary/Secondary) to apply generally to different countries.


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Yeah, I realized that after thinking it over a bit ago – and as my slowly moving, caffeine deficient brain recalls you call British Columbia and all others territories, not states… my blunder!! J


Basing on that info, you’re getting to Gitmo is very much like me getting to AK or the upper territories of your country!! Lots of mumbling under breath, lots of wondering if the antenna is still in the air, lots of FUN!!! LOL J


… I’m just sayin’


73 de K3JAE

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Appreciate all the help I can get.

BTW my (state) is British Columbia




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I can certainly understand where you are coming from. I am not sure where you are at (State) but guessing in the far upper NW. I suspect Gitmo is about as far away from you as AK is from me… maybe even further, I wish you luck in grabbing him before week’s end, based on earlier posting noting he will be active until the end of the week.


I was not boasting about my contacts but just noting he had been on the air from at least 02-20. I was not aware he was a temporary station. Should I happen to spot him again, I will post here. But like you noted earlier… “It’s Easy”!! LOL.


… I’m just saying’


73 de K3JAE

John Etling

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