Re: KG4PH on 80 Meters - Guantanamo


Appreciate all the help I can get.
BTW my (state) is British Columbia

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I can certainly understand where you are coming from. I am not sure where you are at (State) but guessing in the far upper NW. I suspect Gitmo is about as far away from you as AK is from me… maybe even further, I wish you luck in grabbing him before week’s end, based on earlier posting noting he will be active until the end of the week.

I was not boasting about my contacts but just noting he had been on the air from at least 02-20. I was not aware he was a temporary station. Should I happen to spot him again, I will post here. But like you noted earlier… “It’s Easy”!! LOL.

… I’m just saying’

73 de K3JAE
John Etling

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