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David, K9DWR

The location is based on the transmitter location, not your personal physical location. It’s no more complicated than answering the question “from where is your radio transmitting?” Where the “head” of the radio is has nothing to do with it.

David, K9DWR

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This is what is confusing. If I have contact with a fellow in HI who is operating his WA stn am I in contact with HI or WA. I would think that I should log the TX locn and the fact that he is in HI is just for interest. Then we have the case of folks who have no station and rent out the "by the minute big stations". Do they need to keep a record of which stn they are operating for each contact or do they just use their home QTH. I don't know if you can get a licence in Australia without owning the equipment as that appears to be what they licence.

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Any regulatory rule about this obviously need not make any sense at all, as regulatory rules need not make sense, they’re just the rules.

So setting aside the regulatory bit for a moment I’d vote for the sensible thing being using the location whence the radiation originates when you transmit. That results in some weirdness if your transmit antenna is widely separated from your receive antenna but I don’t how to resolve that sensibly.

I am mindful of a discussion I had with K7ADD about the time he was in HI running his portable rig and operating his home station in Duvall, WA remotely, and he held a PSK qso with himself.

Beyond the novelty of such a QSO whatever scheme you use to report location ought to be able log both sides of such a QSO and have the locations logged on each side make sense and convey what has happened, I would think.


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