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Jerry N9AVY


I would naturally assume that the location would be where the "transmitting apparatus" is located.  Thus,  if you're operating remote from your station in BC , your location would be BC./VE7.

Greg, WA3GM, operates from FL in the Winter and tells everyone he's in PA, which is where the RF generating transmitter is located.

I know you're under different rules in Canada, but I would think they'd be somewhat close to FCC  Part 97 rules which govern amateur operation in U.S. .

There is something in FCC rules about being able to shut down a transmitter if it's operating improperly (spurs, harmonics, unstable frequency (drifting badly) or just smoking and flaming). 

Jerry  N9AVY

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Good afternoon all.
Question for the group re remote operation.

If I am running my station remotely what is my location as far as my licence or the grid I provide.
Is it my location or the location of my transmitter.

My Canadian license  reads "certificate holder is authorized to operate amateur radio apparatus in accordance with the regulations"
This would lead me to use the locn wherever I may be.

My Australian one is an "Apparatus license" that authorizes the operation of an unrestricted Amateur Station which is portable throughout Australia and its territories.
In this case i would think the locn I use should be where the TX is located as it is what is licenced.

Retirement to lead to to much pondering and rainy days too much thinking.

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