Len Hecker

....What the heck is going on with all of the W- I- D- E PSK31 signals these days?  I checked 20M on Sunday afternoon and the screen was a mess.  I'm not talking about the usual SAs and Cuban stations that may have some older gear either and signals that are 100 to 200 Hz wide either. These were American stations and some Western EU stations.  Signals 1Kc to over 2 Kc wide with decodable spurs all over the place along with high level broadband splatter. Yet they all go merrily along giving 599 reports like everything is o.k. Well, it's NOT o.k. Those crappy signals are interfering with other stations on the 070 slice.  Trying to help these ops just gets ignored most of the time.  Some are willing to make adjustments, but the biggest offenders just ignore the offer to help.  Or even worse, deny that they have an issue. I should have taken a screen shot and posted it here for everyone to see. Maybe next time.

It's not that difficult to learn how to transmit a clean PSK signal...

Rant off.  TU CUL 73 de K3LRH SK

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