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Jerry N9AVY

Matt just wants to spend the rest of his life printing stickers ?


Jerry n9avy

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That'd be about 1100 stickers between the two reflectors!


Matt King
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A crazy thought – but why not a “sticker” for those on the reflector – say our logo looking into a mirror seeing himself reflected??
… I’m just sayin’
73 de K3JAE
John Etling
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Wow!  2240 members!  Welcome to all the recent new members and I hope you enjoy 070 as much as I do!  Hope to work you soon!

On another point, I noticed yesterday that although we have had outstanding membership growth in the Club, this Yahoo Group only has 802 members!    That surprised me as it is a great way to stay up with what is happening not only with the Club, but spots, DX, helpful tips, etc. And once you join, you can elect to get all postings via email as they happen, a daily summery, or no email at all and only read the postings when you visit the website.

Is there a way we can encourage more membership participation in this group?

Rick - N7WE - #1602

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