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I’m more from the “Jerry Murad & the Harmonicat’s” era.

In fact, I play harmonica in a small blues band made up of old timers like me.

We play on Friday nights after Holy Hour at our church, St Expensive.

Our group, “The Melatonin’s” average about 72 years in age.

Our practice sessions are in a very sound proof area of the church. (The cry room attached to the main sanctuary.)

Just sayin...’




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Hi Jerry,


Actually, I am from the Beatles and Beach Boys era. The local radio station would play at least one "oldie" every hour​, and I have developed a liking to late 50's also.


Anyway, thanks for the good laugh




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Coasters ??   Joe,  you're showing you age !   "Why is everybody always pickin' on me ?"   


Jerry  n9avy



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