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Some time ago we had a few of you that expressed an interest in starting up a HF SSB Digital Net - primarily focused on PSK, but NOT exclusively to! Over the summer months we've given it some serious thoughts and now that time permits such activities, I thought I'd run it by you folks.

We have loads of folks each and every day that are looking to join in on the digital madness that our hobby has enjoyed for the last couple of years. And, if we're to capitalize on this we need to better help these folks, don't you think. At the same time we have a lot of our seasoned amateurs that are experimenting with new software/hardware applications and we need to tap their vast amount of knowledge. Wouldn't an HF SSB Digital Net make sense? I know a few of you might have to find your old microphones, but it would be well worth your efforts. We could address all the problems that the newbies to the digital modes go through. Heck, this might even free up the e-mail demands on such guys as Ernie Mills, WM2U who answers nearly 50 e-mails per night! And, I'm sure there are a lot more of you that do the same.

OK. What I need to hear is exactly who is interested. I know I'd be willing to get things rolling, but let me make it perfectly clear, "I DON"T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!" In fact, I'm better at just getting the folks checked in, then turn the questions over to those who have the knowledge and first hand experience that we'll need. So, we're going to need net control stations, we'll need folks that are familiar with software/hardware applications, and we'll need the bench technicians that can best describe all the wiring configurations to get these new folks on-the-air, as easy as possible!  I'm not sure what band you folks think would be best, so give me your thoughts on that too.

If this idea sounds of interest to you please drop me a message. Let me know if you'd be interested in being a new control station, hardware/software advisors, technician and of course those that have an interest in our digital modes.   Plain and simple I need to hear from as many of you as possible!

I look forward to hearing from you and I appreciate you reading this message.

73 de NY2U Bill Eddy
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