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Ray Clements

There are some digital software programs (I use HRD DM780) that allow you to create multiple sets of macros. For example, you can create a set for normal PSK operations, you can create a set for DX contacts, DXpeditions, etc. You can create sets for various contests with the specific contest exchange information. Then you include in each set only the specific macros you might need for a specific situation. I include a  brief "station" macro in my PSK set only and I rarely use it. It does not even exist in the other sets so there is no chance of my triggering it by mistake and aggravating the folks who do not want to see it. 


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I did a dumb thing, I meant to hit my 'QTH' macro to let CU2AP know
my basic info, instead I hit a much more detailed macro I use when
folks want to know where my QTH is located, Usually in respect to Seattle.

Any way, I'm sure I slowed the rate of contacts down and I apologize.

73 WA7HDZ #404

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