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Steve W3HF

I've done some similar things like that too. After the first time, I thought through the problem and came up with some solutions.

- I can always hit the Tx/Rx button on the software and stop the transmission mid-sentence. It's drastic, but it works.
- I can put my cursor on the Tx window at the end of the text, and then lean on the backspace key. If the letters haven't been sent, they're deleted before sending. Just don't keep doing that into text that HAS been sent, or your software will actually transmit the ASCII code for "backspace", and letters will disappear from the other station's display.
- But I eventually figured out the best approach, at least for me. Digipan has a command "Clear Tx" which completely clears the transmit buffer. I just programmed one of the macro buttons with that command. Whenever I do something that I want to avoid transmitting, a quick tap/click of that function key eliminates all untransmitted text.

I haven't checked on other software, but I'd expect most of them to have something similar.


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Accidents happen .

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I did a dumb thing, I meant to hit my 'QTH' macro to let CU2AP know
my basic info, instead I hit a much more detailed macro I use when
folks want to know where my QTH is located, Usually in respect to Seattle.

Any way, I'm sure I slowed the rate of contacts down and I apologize.

73 WA7HDZ #404

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