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Morris WA4MIT

Jerry you might look at renting one of these lift devices with no more height than that I don`t think the lift would be as expensive as a truck. My tower is 60 ft and guy I use can just reach it he has a old power company truck that has a lift arm as part of bucket which is nice since it can hold the antenna and reaches a few feet higher. I looked into the lift but it was more expensive than paying this fellow and he does the work. 


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Tower is 35-40 ft.   No problem there are climbers around here I can use.

Almost rented a bucket truck but cost would have been over $300 !   Live in high rent district.


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Jerry I needed tower work few years back and like you no longer should be climbing and no help either to change out rotor and put up new/different beam ant. I found a tree removal  guy with a bucket truck he has helped me out few times now. Just depends on how high your tower is if they can reach it. Good luck 73 Morris wa4mit

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That should be
"there's a problem for every solution"
GL with your new rotor.
Paul NU4C

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A couple months ago my rotor suffered the loss of the direction indicator potentiometer; this is one of the weakest links in most CDR rotors.  It happened just after my shelf collapsed on cabinet where radio gear is housed. Had hooked up the wires in wrong order - not paying attention.

Well, I have a new rotor ready to go up, but I don't climb any longer.  Out of frustration in not knowing where antenna was pointed , I "Jerry-rigged"  a small B&W CCTV camera on tower where I didn't have to climb.  Now I can see on monitor which way antenna is pointed within the 30 degree beam pattern and also watch it bounce around in the wind !
But rain , snow and darkness cause other problems, hi !

There's always a solution to a problem...   :-)

Jerry  N9AVY

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