Re: where is the official 40 M PSK freq?

Bill Garwood

Since 2013, I have worked over 80 countries and 48 states on 40 meter PSK31.

North and South America use 7.070 mostly.

Europe, Africa and Asia use 7.040 mostly.

You may find some EU stations working the USA on 7.070 and when I CQ on 7.040, I sometime get US stations.

All of my states and Canada are on 7.070 while I have a large part of my countries worked on 7.040.

I also occasionally see a Russian / Ukrainian on something like 7.038 or 7.042.  Never see anything on 7.035 but I understand that was a common frequency along with 7.028 in the past.

73 and Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK #1688 in North Carolina

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The most common frequencies are 7.035   7.040 & 7.070 the latter is the most popular in the US
John KE4JB

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Is it 7070 or 7035? or somewhere else???

Brian K9WIS

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