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Kevin Lemon

This topic has me on a mission. Not only am I pondering the sourcing of aircraft arrestors, now I am also wondering if I can find a good 522-1501-00 Collins HF transceiver. 
I'm sure they're out there. 

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Had a couple of Pyrex insulators rated at something like 5 KW and were about 8 inches long.   Unfortunately, they disappeared from my parents garage many years ago.  The 2 little thieves hit every garage in town and only stole radio stuff.  They're probably dead or still in jail... Oh yeah, they worked at Knight Kit when I was there back in 60's ...shipping dept. and had been putting labels on stuff to send to their friends/fences.  They both got fired !

Jerry  N9AVY

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On a more serious note, I recall buying a 1921-02 arrestor for one of my B727s or DC9s back in the day. Pretty healthy looking device. Planes get hit often, wonder if I can find one.

I seriously doubt this theory.  Where I once lived just outside Chicago,  Had an 4BTV with radials mounted on roof of house.  Spring storms came around and I ran to basement to disconnect antenna while lightning was all around.  After antenna was disconnected and coax was hanging 6 feet above basement floor, I watched a big, blue arc go from coax to basement floor. 

Doubt that air is a good insulator.

Jerry  N9AVY

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