PSKMeter--> one more time + loss's



You’re definitely included! At 1.5 watts, you can’t afford to lose a DB or even a fraction of a DB.

My #1 DX Elmer, Vince, W5KC, (sk) who lived way back up in Bayou Lafourche`, Louisiana, used to say, all the time:

“Prêter attention à la perte's!

In Cajun French that means, “Pay attention to the loss’s!”

Have you ever measured your RF output at the feed point of your antenna?

It would be interesting to see your output at the feed point of your antenna and your estimated ERP.




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PS: Pls do a log search? Have we ever worked? As N6MG? W6QE? Or my club call, W6QP?



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I'm a weak component (1.5W).  Please don't weed me out.



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I mentioned the other day, my PSKMeter.

I have 2. Running a truly efficient, flawless, state of the art 25 watt contest station is a constant battle of weeding out weak components! Whew! (tongue in cheek)

Seems I have 2 of everything except 90’ Rohn towers. I only have 1 of those.

Y’all need to check it out. à

They’re perfect in my book!




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The soft science kit looks easy, but the drivers state 2000 / XP / ME. 

Little scary, I'm all out of Windows machines with those platforms.




The KK7UQ IMD meter is a nice piece of equipment to have in the arsenal. I don't want to put anyone off Jim's product but at $154.95 some folks may be a bit shy about getting it.

I have the PSK Meter from

and it is only $42.30 if still available.

It serves my purpose very well and does help to keep a clean signal.

best regards




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I followed up with Jim, KJ3N regarding the IMD Meter.  What follows is his reply:

From early 2007 I was the manufacturer of the IMD meter, having bought all the rights to the product from Clint. Glenn was the distributor. When Glenn passed in 2009, I took over all aspects of the meter.

I have a limited supply of parts to make another 20-25 meters before production ceases. Several parts (mainly the case) have been discontinued over that last 2-3 years and replacements will be unavailable. Also, sales have dwindled to the point where I don't keep stock anymore. I now build meters as orders come in.

The current price for the IMD meter is $154.95 plus shipping (USPS Priority Mail).

Let me know if you would like to proceed further.

I asked for his permission to post it here.  He agreed, with the following caveats:

You can post it with the following caveats:

1) One of the parts has to be sent from the UK (the only place I could find stock), so there will be a significant delay (2-3 weeks at least) in filling any orders going forward from here. I will not order that part unless I have a firm commitment for at least 5 meters. Nobody has to pay until product is ready to ship, but I need that commitment to cover costs.

2) Shipping is limited to USA and Canada. Overseas shipments simply cost too much ($25 the last time I did it), even using First Class Mail. Priority Mail rates are outrageous.

Anyone committed to purchasing an IMD meter under the above circumstances, should sent an email to imd-meter@... and I will reply to each person from there.


These are great aids to making sure your transmissions are clean and it sounds like they will soon be no more!  If you want one, pls contact Jim directly at the email given above.  I have no connection to Jim other than having one of the IMD meters and being a very satisfied customer!

Rick - N7WE - #1602




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