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Bill Garwood

I agree with Jerry... Be sure you have a problem before you try to fix it.  Get an additional signal report from a different station in a different area.  Propagation can and will do strange things.  I would work one station and get a perfect signal report then the next station would say I was spattering.  I had not touched the rig or anything.  This was always on 20 meters and only in the afternoons.  I now have an IMD meter in the shack to help keep an eye on my signal.




Bill N4GBK



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I use a direct interface from my ftdx3000, and the setting of 15.on the codecs is adequate. Receive and transmit.


Larry - what sort of rig/interface are you using?  

My suggestion is this: Set your rig at 100 watts. You'll then want to adjust your interface TX knob down (if you have one) and/or the windows slider (which will be visible to you if you RIGHT CLICK on your speaker icon - just pick the right one) for your rig/interface CODEC to show ZERO ALC when you transmit. Then you'll use your TX knob/CODEC slider (the TX knob on your interface if you have it, the windows slider  for your CODEC if you don't) to show 20-50 watts out on your power meter.

Helped someone else with this last week and went from a really rough signal to a beautiful one.

I'm available for a phone call if need be. That's how I helped him last week.

I've set up many folks this way and have run this way myself for about 4 years now. I occasionally get unsolicited "really nice trace" reports!


Matt King



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Hi folks,

Last week I downloaded a 'free' copy of Windows 10, seems to work great, but I may have some issues.

I was on the air today with a guy in California, I am in Washington, I was running about 25 Watts and the op said I was splattering all over the band even down there.

I am not very computer savvy, so I was wondering if there are settings in W10 I do not know about, that have to be just right, other than the normal CODEC.
When I 'click' on the speaker in the right-hand corner of the taskbar, I get 1 slider that defaults to 100%.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Larry WA7HDZ

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