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Kevin Lemon

Now, all I gotta do is plug the laptop in..

On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 10:32 AM, Kevin Lemon
We're always to blame. First thing I learned twenty two years ago when I left the airlines to be a free (ahem) spirit.. 

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And being a truck driver / Trucking company Owner I am pretty darn sure the truck driver took the fault – because someone not paying attention to what they are doing automatically is the fault of the over the road trucker driver…

… I’m just sayin’


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I certainly hope that none of us are actually driving (in motion)  when operating PSK.

Not only is it unsafe , but viewing a computer/laptop screen is a moving violation in some states.  Operating  SSB/FM  is not entirely safe either   .


A fellow ham was operating CW mobile several years ago and looked down at a paper on seat for a second... while driving a 70 mph...  when he looked back up all he saw was a close up view of the rear end of a semi.  He had a lengthy stay in hospital.


Safety should always be our primary concern.  If you think you canm operate PSK while in motion, that's probably your first mistake.


Jerry  N9AVY

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