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Our church computer which we purchased back in August was Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  the presentation software just upgraded and they recommended Windows 10 and would not guarantee the program would run correctly on window 7.  So, we took the plunge and I upgraded to windows 10 and it went pretty flawless.  I switched to Mac about 5 years ago or so and I was rather impressed with the upgrade that MS had this time.  I will give them credit for this one.  So far, things seem to be running pretty good.  The GUI looks the same just a few minor things changing as far as I can tell right now.  I just haven’t gotten into the system very much and doubt I will unless absolutely necessary.  The less I fool with it the better off I’ll be !!!

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On Dec 29, 2015, at 1:13 PM, Adam Mercier adam@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

     I'm usually an "early adopter", but I was so horrified by the "look and feel" changes in Windows 8 (primarily the frenetic, ADHD-inducing tile format), that I refused to upgrade from 7.  I'm worried that if I don't take advantage of the "free upgrade" that I'm constantly reminded of by pop up, Win 7 will get orphaned like XP, and then I'll have to pay an arm, a leg, and a couple locks of Milt's hair to get Windows 10.
     Now, I'm on the young end of "Old fuddy duddy ", so I still have some reserves in my adaptation reservoir left, and I've looked at some screen shots from Win 10, and read some reviews, but with no experience with the OS, I rely on others impressions.  I have 2 Win 7 machines, a laptop and a desktop, so I'm almost willing to try Win 10 on one of them to check it out...but I'm stuck on the reality of the user interface--is it more like Win 7 than 8? I hate the tiles! Did I mention that already?? 

     I'm ready for some real-life input from  the 070 well of experience....

Adam, KM7N

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On Dec 29, 2015, at 9:53 AM, Joseph Miller kj8o.ham@... [070] <070@...> wrote:


Thanks Milt,

I had a very similar experience, although the upgrade messed up some of my settings with HRD/DM780, which took 2-3 evenings to completely straighten​ around.

73 de Joe KJ8O 1244

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Fellow 070'rs,

I have several computers of various ages, whether they be towers or laptops, with varied operating systems.

They range from a very old decrepied  Compaq that has DOS as it operating system to my Dell "Man Cave Main Frame".

The Compaq is used to program my Motorola HT's, and I have a few with XP Pro for field day, logging, EZNec antenna design, etc.

My point? Through the courtesy and help of my IT Department, defined as 1 each, Mike, K6MKF, 070-412, just up the road from me a few hundred clicks, I've very painlessly upgraded to Windows 10, from Win 8.1. The upgrade was simple, and was done because I get tired of the pop-ups asking me to do it and felt it was the correct thing to do. All com ports stayed the same, all CAT functions in my RigExpert stayed the same. It all worked as advertised. 

As a stock holder of Microsoft since 1995, I'm proud to say that Microsoft finally got something right!

In no way can I advise anyone to do the upgrade, as computers vary greatly from ham shack to ham shack, but it worked flawlessly for me.

As John says,

"Just sayin'",


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