Re: What do you hope to achieve in 2016?

John Etling

Well let me see…


1.  Raise my shorty tower and get my 2m, 440 and 6m beam back in operation.

2.  Work a few more DX countries so I can at least say I am near 200 countries worked (currently at 128).

3.  Install the new 80/160m add-on to my vertical that is supposed to help in antenna efficiency on those bands.

4.  Learn to operate RTTY

5.  Re-Learn CW so I can join in on the CW portion of the band. Basically time to relearn code as has been 12+ years since I even attempted to do code. Learned it to take General test, then promptly dropped it as had no interest in it at the time.

6.  Anything else I may have not mentioned or even become aware of yet.


… I’m just sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John Etling


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